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Welcome to our brand new site, Kolonihave Eksperten! We provide exclusive services to the allotment community and our platform has now been transformed with a unique visual identity, centrally represented by a distinctive blooming deer as our logo.

The new site offers an innovative concept with an online magazine and blog that not only presents our various services, but also introduces our dynamic craftsman and gardener couple. This personal approach creates credibility and connection as you follow our specialists and their advice.

Our vision includes future plans to implement a webshop that brings our allotment products closer to you. At the same time, our blog is designed to generate SEO-optimized texts that not only enrich the reader’s experience, but also strengthen our visibility online.

Enter the Kolonihave Expert’s universe, where garden inspiration and expertise are combined in a unique way. Explore our site, follow our blog and help cultivate your allotment passion with us!

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