The rise of mobile gaming.

2.8 Billion people worldwide play mobile games currently, far outnumbering those who prefer playing on PC or consoles.

Since its inception decades ago, the video gaming industry has grown with stunning speed. Over the last five years in particular, it has experienced significant expansion as users worldwide play games of all types across a variety of platforms.

A pattern seen in the industry is that users who play mobile games become stressed from playing. It simply gives them a free space from everyday life when they immerse themselves in their smartphone.

That is why we focus all our energy on the mobile gaming market and the concepts we focus on also reflect that.


One of the first insight in to the metaverse experience was the daily fantasy games.

Below is a sports game and a platform, in collaboration with a team of professional football players, around the world. With the former Danish professional footballer Kris Stadsgaard as the man in found.

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 A guestion i asked myself one day. – How do you help people with a big addiction to gambling for money in sports. Give them an alternative place to play with all the data from the world of sports and speced it up with more action. To com close to the adrealine kick that playing for many give dem. I come up with the concept below! New gameplays not seen before in the industry.

Promote your Game!

Below are the marketing strategies we will use to promote our games and game concepts.

1. Reach Out To Trending Influencers

Many of the viral games in the past have been promoted by on social media. However, not many of the current game developers adopt this form as part of their game marketing strategy.

2. Create Video Content

It is important to make promotional video so that the target audience can see the gameplay of the video game.

3. Build an online presence

Building a different media profile for social media pages where you can cheaply start to build a fan base around your game and brand.

4. Join Social Media Blogs

Most of the blog sites provide a good opportunity to promote the game, increasing the exposure of the game.

5. Cross-Promote Your Game

With different types of apps and games in-house, you can promote them through each other as a form of cross-advertisement.

6. Make A Simple Website

By creating a simple and good website around the game, you create a good form of marketing strategy channel for the game. Here you have the opportunity to create innovative ways where you can go deeper into the game in a different way and with other information that you normally cannot give importance to in a game. As this will be considered noise for the players. Furthermore, it can be used as advertising material, for investors.

7. Get Reviews from players

Reviews from your customers about your game are one of the biggest ways to approach new customers. Here, of course, you have to make sure that the reviews are encouraging and constructive.

A good way to maintain a positive dialogue with your customers is to get to know them better, so that you can give them the right answers along the way. A sheet with answers to the different types and questions makes this part easier.


Below is a concept where the superhero has to teach youngsters Through play and learning how to take good care of nature on earth!