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This is how the collaboration went:
Excellent process, quick response and delivery of final result. Good sparring about expanding the children’s activation at Copenhagen Airport, while also focusing on increasing sales. Can definitely be recommended.

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Søren kokbøl jensen: CEO Game studio –
Earlier: Business Angel

He has been in the gaming industry for 25 years and has, among other things, has helped create a large number of well-known games. He is a former business angel of me.

This is how the collaboration went:

I had the great pleasure of engaging as a business angel in a project that showed significant potential and exhibited an inspiring synergy among team members.Unfortunately, we encountered unforeseen challenges and external factors that ultimately halted the progress of the project. Despite our efforts and dedicated resources, it wasn’t enough to overcome the obstacles that arose along the way.Although it didn’t yield the desired results, I wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with the team again in the future if the opportunity arises. I will continue to follow the team’s future endeavors with great interest.


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Briefly about Daniell. Multi-talented. Creative, sharp on concept and visual identity. It is quite impressive what Daniell can do. Violent hard worker, but Daniell’s greatest quality is his passion. And then Daniell is just a lovely and nice person to be around. Ambitions are sky high and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before Daniell has created something fantastic. Warmest recommend from here.


This is how the collaboration went:

Me and Daniell have worked together up to several times, with great satisfaction. He is particularly good at branding and concept development. We have created several webshops and websites together. I can definitely recommend Daniell and look forward to working together again.


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Nr. 1 YouTuber i DK. 440.000 Følgere. Dansk top influensers.
Co-founder – Publisher

This is how the collaboration went:

I would like to express a big thank you for the fantastic cooperation we had in the development of our mini-game. It was a pleasure to work with you and  I would like to highlight the positive element of our cooperation. First of all, our communication was excellent. We were always able to reach each other from start to finish.

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This is how the collaboration went:
I am extremely satisfied with the result of my collaboration with Daniell.
The design manual is unique and has really lifted my webshop to new heights. Daniell’s talent and dedication to creating a coherent visual identity across all my platforms is impressive. I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled and passionate designer.
Thanks for everything, Majbrit!

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This is how the collaboration went

I have used Dondo’s expertise on several occasions and have never yet been disappointed. Whether it is small tasks, such as creating logos and other graphic material, or larger tasks, such as concept development of a gamified fantasy sports platform, etc. Dondo is the right person for the job