This brand is the perceptions and feelings and gut feelings that arise in your audience and target audience when they see your brand. What gives a company its personality and distinguishes it from others. Everything from the logo as the external face of the company. (Visual identity) website, advertising campaign, the music played for the Models and what they radiate, for your brand.

Branding is therefore everything processed and the thoughts and actions you undertake to create the brand in question, which must stand out from the competition. Which expression and which words should you communicate to your customers. It is important that when building a brand your team really believes in and can see the vision as a whole. So can see a meaning in the marketing strategies, and the way to go to the mark.

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This brand:

In the case here with the brand skills, young athletes and sports internet people who feel cool and cool are spoken to. We see a trend among young people that they want to be something special on social media, we want to transfer this trend to a brand where you can feel like stars. From stardust to young alts striving to become the next superstar. Here, the audience is communicated what it takes to get there to the next level and become the best version of themselves.

With slogans like:

– Take your skills to the next level
– Live with confidence
– All in on vegetables!
– Future athletes think green!

In a world where eyes from the political side, with a lot of focus on the climate in the world, it is a proven choice to talk to the young parents who have become aware of this problem, and can help to to make a difference by purchasing sustainable and recycled materials to care for the planet.

Young woman playing tennis


tennis-girl-professional-tennis-court(2) kopier








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By combining the different logos, we get different expressions.

But branding is much more than just a logo and some coloers. The hand sign, that originating from Hawaii.

Also be associated with:
“Hang loose,” “Right on,” “Thank you,” “Things are great,” “Take it easy” “be cool”

The hand sign has since been widely used among athletes worldwide. Especially when they pose on social media. Everything from the big football stars to the UFC stars. Here, especially the very big sports stars, where several thousand and millions of likes are given out.

This is an excellent way to ensure that users are already at the forefront of the brand and feel an attraction to the brand. Since many of their idols sometimes show that hand sign.

which is widely used among athletes worldwide and is posed on social media. Here, especially the very big sports stars, where several thousand and millions of likes are given out.

This is an excellent way for the users to already feel connected to the brand or the people they look up to who, as a rule, have the skills in order.

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Custom and unique brand
AR Filter for social media.

We will take advantage of augmented reality in the marketing and branding of this brand. Social media filters can come in different forms, such as face or mask filters. This type of AR filters is intended to be immersive and personal. This helps to create a memorable experience of the brand. The best thing about such a unique filter is that they are shareable, which increases the reach of the brand.




To complete the brand experience, an augmented reality experience is intended when users receive the package. With different competitions and ways for users to become sharper athletes!




Promotion concept for walking streets

As part of the marketing strategy, a concept has been arrived at that can be placed in all parts of the walking streets around the cities. Users can play with the brand. In this case, a boxing ball dressed up as a lemon, where you can measure your speed. This setup will be recorded and will be part of a promotional video on social media.

The concept has not been tested on the market yet

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